Company profile

Bio Lab Medical Factory (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise which integrates R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. We are a professional factory supply all kinds of medical testing reagents,such as blood cell analysis reagent、glycated hemoglobin reagent、cleaning fluid of biochemical instrument、urinary sediment reagent etc.. Our company has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of blood cells and electrolytes reagents. We have got a good reputation in the industry. We also passed the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2003 quality management system certifications.

Bio Lab Medical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is specialized in import and domestic medical testing instruments and reagents. Our products include automatic blood cell analyzer (ABX, France), glycated hemoglobin analyzer, automatic protein analyzer, electrolyte analysis Instrument, biochemical analyzer, blood glucose meters and other equipment and supporting reagents. Our company continues to adapt to the domestic medical market demand and make the correct choice of the target market positioning and product positioning.Our main products (glycated hemoglobin analyzer and automatic analyzer) not only have been approvaled by customers, but also bring good social and economic benefits to the grass-roots communities and medical units.

Bio Lab Medical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is composed of experienced technical and management personnel, we have a good corporate culture and a good reputation in the Medical industry. Integrity is our character, Customer satisfaction is our goal and the professional is our aim.

Bio Lab Medical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd


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